Claims about the Tilma and the Image

At the beginning of the 20th Century, a man hid a bomb in a floral arrangement at the foot of the tilma. The explosion destroyed everything around except the tilma, which was unharmed.

This is true. On the morning of Nov. 14, 1921, a bomb was detonated in the Basilica of Guadalupe. Luciano Perez Carpio, an employee of the Private Secretariat of the Presidency, protected by soldiers disguised as civilians, placed the bomb at the foot of the Image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.


The explosion was heard a kilometer away, but absolutely nothing happened to the Image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Bronze candelabras and a crucifix on the altar, though, were bent by the impact. (cf. Eduardo Chavez San La Iglesia de México entre dictaduras, revoluciones y persecuciones chez,, Ed. Porrúa , Mexico 1998, pp. 165-166).


Currently, the bronze crucifix is on public display in the basilica.

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